As-built Documentation

What is As-built Documentation?

As-built documentation using 3D laser scanning technology provides architects and project managers with detailed point clouds and models of the way a building or project exists. Accurate as-built documentation is achieved by laser scanning and collecting point cloud data at predetermined milestones and as the trades complete phases of work. Scans can be performed at any given time to capture structure and building elements in order to measure and compare finished work to design specifications and drawings. The same point cloud data and models can be used to create 3D BIM or smart models.

As-built Documenation Example

Scanning an industrial courtyard renovation project, Michigan.

As-built Documentation example


Markets Served


Building Information Modeling (BIM)


Construction / Renovation


Asset and Facility Management

Power / Utility / Gas

Health Care

Mining and Exploration

Monitoring and Deformation

Historical Preservation




Point Cloud Data

As-built Documentation

3D CAD Models 

Elevation Drawings

Plan View Drawings

Fly-through video presentations

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