Point Cloud Data

What is Point Cloud Data?

 Pump House Point Cloud 3Pump House Point Cloud 2
 Colorized Point Cloud of pumps and floor penetrations, Michigan (by Third Coast 3D. Inc)

A point cloud is a collection of data points in a coordinate system that represents the surface of a physical object, structure or geographic feature.

In a typical three-dimensional coordinate system, these points are defined by X, Y, and Z coordinates. In a High Definition Survey (HDS), these coordinates are referred to as northing (N), easting (E) and elevation (Z). 

Point clouds are created by 3D laser scanners. Laser scanners make it possible to collect and measure a large number of points on an object's surface in a short amount of time. The output from these laser scanners is referred to as Point Cloud Data

Point cloud data can then be used to create 3D CAD and Building Information Models (BIM) for architecture, construction, renovation, civil engineering and historical preservation. In the industrial and manufacturing sectors, manufactured parts and fixtures are scanned and modeled for  metrology and quality inspection purposes. Other uses include 3D visualization, animation and 3D fly-throughs for gaming, marketing and presentation applications.

Laser scanners and point clouds can be used for extremely accurate volumetric measurements of materials in the mining, excavation and land development sectors.

The DOT and local municipalities depend on laser scanners and point cloud data to do road surface analysis and bridge deformation inspections.

Almost anything can be scanned, measured and modeled. Laser scanners and the Point Cloud Data output is fast becoming the standard for measurement and 3D documentation. 


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